Novosti iz Iyengar Yoga sale

New from Iyengar Yoga Hall


Starting Monday, october the 12th 2015., we introduce the new programs :


Yoga for The Wisdom Years

  • because it is never too late  to look after  yourselves, your mind and your body deserve it

  • learn how to sit, walk and lay in an anatomically correct way and how to get rid of the pains that perhaps trouble your body

  • improve your blood circulation, concentration and general mood

 Regular classes of Iyengar Yoga for the people in The Wisdom Years, from 65 - 105.


 Yoga for kids

  At the same time as the regular classes, twice a week, your kids can practice Yoga in a separate room.

  Bring your kids to the Iyengar Yoga class because they also deserve the best.

  Give them a chance to: 

  • Channel their energy in a healthy way

  • Develop creativity and inspiration

  • Walk, sit and grow in an anatomically correct way..

For more detailed info and the new schedule, please follow this link.

"When I am in an asana, I go beyond the chronological and psychological boundary of time." ~Guruji BKS Iyengar

Guruji emphasises the aspect of maintaining an asana to build it up, develop and surface the effects and reap its benefits.

As the endurance, power and confidence grows the timing should be increased. Timing is important from the point of view of creating and developing a circulation in the body which is peculiar to the asana.

Timing is not a mere calculation of seconds and minutes one remains in an asana. It is a 'time requisition' made by an asana for its evolution when one matures in sadhana.

When each cell is sensitive to being in the present, it is timing.